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It’s great to welcome John Carr, from Selby, Yorkshire, England to Santiago de Chile.

It was  -10  Centigrade when he left home yesterday, the train to London was cancelled so an 8 hour trip by coach preceded his flight from London Heathrow to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Flight tracker again proved useless for flights outside US airspace, retorting that the flight was due to arrive 30 minutes early when in fact it touched down 30 minutes late. It was +27 C outside the airport and more like 30 C walking through the exposed car park.

It did not matter, we were in no particular rush and were in time for lunch plus an afternoon of chatting about travel plans, trips to the fridge to pick up an ice cold Cristal and brief spells at the pool.

By the way, either no one has been reading my posts or everyone has become so accustomed to my spelling mistakes and typos that nobody found it necessary to point out that I have been consistently misspelling Chile’s favourite lager, Cristal, with an ‘i’ instead of a ‘y’. Now I’ll have to check WordPress for a bulk search & replace function to correct all the times that I have misspelled it in the past. There is no need to notify me of other typos of which I know that there are plenty.

tomorrow we set off on the 2010 Patagoniathon!

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