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We had planned a day at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and as we had an early night after a steak the size of half a cow the night before, we were up early and decided to have breakfast at the Desert Museum and catch many of the exhibits before the crowds arrived. We managed to take a good amount of pictures of the local cacti and Agave with labels, for future IDs of pictures from habitat and managed to get a good number of desert animal images to place throughout the 2011 presentations for that Ooh effect; pictures taken so that it is not too obvious that these animal pictures were taken in captivity, although all will be revealed in the Credits. There were some good Hummingbird shots but the cactus wren and Gila woodpecker were taken ‘in the wild’. The javelina, coyote and Mexican wolf were safely behind wire.

By noon it had become quite hot and we had seen all the exhibits that we wanted to see, so we decided for a drive through the Coronado National Forest to Tombstone, a stroll around town, a burger in the local saloon and a bit of souvenir hunting – after all, this was a holiday as well.

We arrived back safely and booked ourselves into one of the many hotels where I-10 crosses Ina Road, a good starting point for tomorrow’s visit to Miles to Go.

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