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Just an unusual brief note first thing in the morning as I wait to go into breakfast.

Although our plan is to drive to Oruro today, John has just picked up info on a Bolivia website that today roadblocks are due to commence in a number of Bolivia towns, including Oruro. But these reports are two days old. Usually there is a lot of sable rattling between protesters and the government with websites posting info on a whole host of potential trouble spots with details of the intended actions. Over breakfast we’ll have a serious think about what we’ll do. It’s 200 km to Oruro with plant stops on the way. If we can’t get into town, we would need to come all the way back – there is no accommodation in between. There are alternative options that include driving back a bit to Epizan and taking another route that may go to Sucre, but this too could get blocked if the issues elsewhere escalate. A new dimension to cactus trips and one that has been there for Bolivia as long as I can remember. It has been one of the reasons that I left it so long to make my first trip here. With all cactus trips featuring time budget constraints, sitting around waiting for a political situation to resolve itself is not the most apealing option.

Looking at the bright side, we are surrounded by cacti out of town, all new to Wiebe and me, but not so appealing to Brendan, Lucy and Chris who have already seen some of the alternative options in the weeks leading up to our arrival.

It may be some days before we’ll be in a hotel with internet facilities again, so I’ll post this ahead of today’s events. Who knows, we might be back here tonight!

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