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Friday, 19 October 2012 – So where is Umdaus? » S2695 – Conophytum sp

S2695 - Conophytum sp

Comments on: "S2695 – Conophytum sp" (2)

  1. David M Martill said:

    Pictures lovelly and plants absolutely fascinating, but a sense of scale would be helpful

    • Hi David,
      Many thanks for your comments. I totally agree with including a sense of scale. Problem is that the item used for scale can distract from the object that is the purpose of the image. The images in the Blog represent only a fraction of the total number of images taken during this three week trip. In addition to the Blog, I use images for books (see http://www.blurb.com -> bookstore -> pkcactus, for The Cactus Trip Diaries) and for presentations to C&S Societies around the world.

      Where scale is needed, I carry a small tape measure and graph paper (the latter mainly for pictures of flowers and fruits). Many people use coins, but the audiences needs to be familiar with the currency used. In Madagascar, there were no coins in the local currency, just notes that were too large for the small geophytic Euphorbia.

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