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These pages are an information resource for those interested in the genus Copiapoa, (Cactaceae) that has its habitats in Chile, along the coastal strip and valleys of the Atacama Desert, from Tocopilla, north of Antofagasta in the north to south of the Parque Nacional Fray Jorge, south of Coquimbo.

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Latest Updates

Until 7 January 2007, this web was located at pkcactus ???????????? and was taken down when I changed provider. Since then I have created a blog, The Cactus Trip Diaries, that covers all the information about all my trips to cactus country and more.

Coming Soon

This web is currently under construction to build an edited and updated version of the original http://www.copiapoa.info site. Please be patient – this is a labour of love – not a job.


Why re-invent the wheel? The concept of this website has been unashamedly copied from the Ariocarpus Living Rocks from Mexico website with kind permission from its webmaster and site editors.  We salute their excellent website and hope that other genera will be covered similarly, ultimately resulting in a  comprehensive on-line Cactus Lexicon.


pkcactus at hotmail.co.uk


Paul Klaassen


Paul Klaassen

All material, except where otherwise credited, is Copyright

 © 2001-2006 Paul Klaassen


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