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After a full breakfast we leave Hotel Verdemare, after first making a booking for our last night in Brazil at the end of the trip.

We take the BR624 out of Salvador and make good progress until the empty boxes on the roof rack blow off while we are driving along at 100 km.p.h., causing a traffic hold up until the box is retrieved and secured back on the roof rack.

At Feira de Santana we stop for ice cream and directions. The area we have driven through since leaving Salvador used to consist of Atlantic Rainforest.  These days this land has been converted for agricultural use and only some 1% of the original rainforest remains. Having enjoyed the ice creams, we turn onto the BA 052 towards Morro do Chapéu (265 km).

Excited by the first Pilosocereus appearing near the road, we stop (S0331) for a can of softdrink and some pictures (Cereus jamacaru, Opuntia ficus-indica and Pilosocereus catingicola).

Another comfort stop (S0332) and photo opportunity, this time as we leave Mun. Serra Preta and enter Mun. Ipura.

As well as seeing cacti ‘in the wild’,  Opuntia ficus-indica, an introduced species, is cultivated for the production of cattle fodder.  We saw many of these small patches throughout our journey.  We did not see any evidence of the invasive powers of escapees that are well documented in Australia.

The next stop (S0333) is at a rocky outcrop, near the village of Ventura, 22 km east of Morro do Chapéu where we see our first Micranthocereus purpureus and Stephanocereus luetzelburgii.

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