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A peek out of the plane’s window as I woke up revealed another snow covered mountainous landscape, this time the Pyrenees. Later, thick cloud cover obstructed the view of the Alps as we approached Zurich for our brief European stop over.

The temperature at Heathrow on arrival back in the UK was the same value as when we left Santiago: 32. The difference was that here it was degrees Fahrenheit, while in Santiago it had been Centigrade. Angie was there to welcome me home and as she drove me back to Durrington, there was an opportunity to take the last pictures of the trip, a glorious sunset over Wiltshire, timed at 16:06 as we approached the Amesbury exit of the A303.

While it’s good to be back home, I always prefer to have plans for future trips already on the table. So it may come as no surprise to discover that some of these Diary pages were written on holiday in Cologne, Germany where we celebrated Christmas with Angie’s family and in less than a week from completing this page, Angie and I will be in the air on our way to Lima, Peru, but this time on a South American Tourist Highlights package tour, also taking in Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.  As you can tell, I hate the dark days of (European) winters!

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