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Weather is getting warmer and today was the first all sunshine day – as my back and face indicate.

In the morning we drove to the Bay and saw huge numbers and variety of birds wading on the salt flats, including Egrets, pelicans, etc. I have just bought a bird guide to find out what we saw – be patient. Mike would be in his element!

In the afternoon it was driving south again on MEX1, made more cactus stops and found my first definite Echinocereus brandegeei. This species was my first favourite when I started collecting cacti.

So today we are in very primitive lodgings, Charita, but on the town square, with this internet cafe opposite. We have just booked a whale tour for tomorrow – in the same sort of pangas (small boats) that we used in Chile. Costs US$ 65 per person, but we are guaranteed to see whales, so it´ll be worth it.

People are telling us that this is the quietest that they have seen Baja – they blame the recession in the US and also there is a war between drug barons around Tijuana that is getting a lot of bad publicity in the US.

So far, we have found all the Mexicans incredibly charming and friendly, but it only takes one with a gun to change that, so we
won´t get complacent.

I´ll report back with my Whale Count tomorrow!

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