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We made the usual number of cactus stops as we headed south from Todos Santos towards the Cape – our final (but disappointing) end goal. It is just like ‘Any Street, Benidorm etc’ and we could not wait to get out. Unfortunately the whole stretch of some 100 km is like this, with the Mexicans using it as the place to fleece tourists (= Americans). We drove out of town in the hope of finding a cheap hotel. No chance, and with day light failing shortly after 6, and me not liking driving in the dark on roads with plenty of dead (black) cows along the side, eventually took a turn to the Buena Vista Beach Resort which, at US$135 for two, is the most expensive we have had by some 50 dollars. But breakfast and a free Margarita are included and they have wifii, so what the hell.

I have Plan B for March to learn from today’s lessons.

So, technically, we have reached the ‘end of Baja’, turned around and are some 100 km on our way back.  The exciting thing is that more plants are coming into flower, including Pachycereus.

Finally, as a special for Angie & Margot, the picture they requested of me touching a whale. I’m the one with the Concha Y Toro (Chilean Wine) cap, throwing the shadow over my face – the whale is the one in the water!

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