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Greetings from Raquel & Larry’s at Bahia de Los Angeles (again).

This was one of our favourite stops on the way down, so it made sense to stay another day or two on the way back.

Last night in Guerrero Negro was cold,  54F and today has started off overcast but it turned sunny and very windy now, back at the (warmer) Sea of Cortez.

We took another side road (tarmac) that we did not spot last time round, back to the Pacific Coast at Santa Rosalillita. Only 14 km but well worth it, with lots of Feros and impressive clumps of Echinocereus maritimus and – near the coast – some with extremely long spines that may be var. hancockii.

The Feros here, at Bahia de Los Angeles, is F. garcilis ssp. coloratus, has been the only one we have seen in flower. It’s still only flowering sporadically, but full of buds, so if the cold weather persists, it may be in flower next time I’m here in March. The Opuntia too (I have lost count of how many distinct species we have seen) are in bud.

We are due to see a local boat’s man this p.m. and find out the cost of going to the islands where on some island sonly Feros and Mams have been reported.

Lunch & beers have just arrived, must go!

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