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Archive for March 28, 2008

Friday, 28 March 2008 – around San Diego

Obviously, when I said that the previous Diary page that I sent out was going to be the last, I lied, although I had no intention of
writing more reports.

So, after dropping Cliff & Ian off at the Airport, I went back to the motel, had breakfast at Denny’s, changed rooms and washed my jacket, so that I won’t look like a tramp due to its lack of cleanliness (leaving just the long hair & beard and the desert boots to raise suspicion). I also started going through the pictures of the trip, taking the data from the GPS picture that separates each photo stop from the previous one. This data was copied into my stop database and from there copied to create a waypoint on Google Earth. It’s a slow repetitive process, but the boredom is relieved by seeing where we had been and how close some of the stops were (unintentionally) to stops made in February. Obviously, there was something on both occasions that prompted us to stop.

While doing this, data was being copied to my new plug in hard drive (500 GByte for under GBP 60!)

Before I realised where the time had gone, it was time for another visit to Denny’s for dinner, and after that, time for bed.