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We broke tradition and instead of staying at a Motel 6, have a suite for 2 nights at a Best Western instead. Why? ‘Cause there are no Motel Sixes near Yosemite. And, because this one was rather cheaper than the usual Motel 6 offering and MUCH nicer. Take a look at

But let’s start the day at the beginning. We left Motel 6 in Santa Rosa and had an uneventful journey east. I had taken some pain killers for my back, so slept for most of the journey, waking up in fat grasslands, not unlike Holland. The only surprise worth pointing the camera at was a huge wind farm.

Things got more interesting as we hit the foothills of the Sierras and started seeing snow on the hill tops. Quite a bit of it – but the roads were clear. Yet the signs along the road said that the carrying of snow chains was obligatory. We felt that the chunky all road tires on Eunice’s Toyota Landcruiser were up to the job and saved ourselves US$ 156 for a set. They must see the tourists coming and then fleece them.

Light was failing fast as we drove through the north west side of the park. Came across some stunning scenery, but too dark for descent pictures without a tri-pod. We have the whole day tomorrow to go back to the places spotted this time round. Among the most impressive landscapes that we have seen in recent months.

All today’s pictures in Yosemite are filed under S1265.

And then, as we turned the corner, there it was – ‘Not Another Bloody Sunset’ and an absolute beauty!

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