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Today was a typical driving day. There were no photo stops and no pictures taken. We started the day with a car shuffle so that eventually John’s car was parked behind Eunice’s Landcruiser while we were away. We then needed to return the bus that Eunice had rented in San Diego for the final stage of the Baja Trip, so once again we made our way to Dollar in San Diego, next to the infamous Motel-at-the-end-of-the-runway.

It has also almost become tradition to make a slight detour to Fry’s, the huge electronics warehouse, east of San Diego, for some shopping for last minute ‘essentials’. For me, this included a gadget that I can plug into the cigarette lighter of the car and which then powers my laptop – a DC/DC voltage converter, I believe. This has already proven very useful as I now do the first stint of driving during the day, with John taking the middle slice and Eunice finishing the last part of the journey. By that time I have rotated to the rear passenger seat where I can plug in my lap top and start down loading my images of the day. That means that on arrival at the hotel I can join the others straight at the bar, rather than first completing the image down-load. It has also given me a chance to slowly catch up with the Diaries. All I need is a reliable internet connection to post them.

So finally, around midday I believe, we were ready to head east, to Tucson, for our first night of the 2010 Mexicothon.

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