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I guess that things could have gone a little more smoothly as the flight with David, Angie and I was delayed by almost three hours. Stil, we arrived safely in Santiago, where Cliff & Ian, booked on an earlier flight that left on time, were already waiting for us. Andres Gabor, our car rental contact since 2003, was waiting to welcome us back to Chile.

The cars selected this time were a Chevrolet Captiva for an 89 day period and a Nisan D21 pick up truck for the next 3 weeks.

Florencia Señoret rang Andres to ask if we had arrived yet and apologised for not being able to meet us at the airport. I reassured her that we could remember the way to her parents’ fundo at Lonquen and only made one wrong turn (they had moved the sign where we should have turned right into her road). It was good to relax after a long 48 hours and return to the Chinese restaurant that had often served us well on previous trips.

Tomorrow we’ll be on our way!!!

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