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Today is the longest / shortest day, depending on where in the world you are. or Cliff and I it is the sixth ‘longest day’ in a row, having spent the last three 21 Decembers in the southern hemisphere and celebrating 21 June in England. No regrets there, especially when we listen to tales of doom and gloom from the UK.

Our plan had been to spend our last night in Argentina tonight, in Villa La Angostura, but the roads out of Esquel were much better than we had dared to anticipate, so there we were, 2 p.m. and only 34 km from the Chilean border. We decided to do a bit of shopping to spend some of the last Argentinean Pesos, then did the usual battle with uana and Immigration. It all went very smoothly. We did have to empty the car at the Chilean SAG control, so that a totally disinterested dog could walk through our bags before we could load up again. Scenery wise too, this is the nicest pass I have used between Argentina and hile to date.

Just 33 pictures today – I was driving, otherwise I would have taken many more – just scenery, no cacti

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