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Today can best be described as another Cactus Explorer’s Admin Day.

Top priority was to track down a vulcanisation tire fixer to fix the tire. Eventually we found one, who was recovering from a hangover. is friend offered to open up for him and take the tire off the wheel. We thought it best not to hold a match too close to this gentleman. We found the hole, but also ‘the next potential hole’ – a cut along the wall of the tire and asked for a ‘just in case’ patch to be put there too.

The actual patching surgery was performed by the man himself. We left with his warning to only use this tire as our spare. Great! Now we had three tires like that!

The rest of the day was spent updating Diaries, sorting pictures, watching TV and dozing.

At 8 p.m. we went for our last planned meal at Club Taltal where we were joined by Elizabeth and Norbert Sarnes from Germany for a great evening of cactus talk. We look forward to continuing the conversation at E.L.K. in September.

We have c 1,200 km to drive to Lonquen over the next two days, sticking to R5 and to speeds of 80-90 km.p.hr.

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