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Flight IB 3173 was scheduled for take off from London’s Heathrow Airport at 19:35. Although I had already completed the on-line check-in, it was still prudent, knowing how unpredictable traffic on the A303, M3 and M25 can be, to leave home at 16:00.

Arrival in Madrid was scheduled for 22:55, with departure on my second leg of the journey scheduled for ‘tomorrow’ at 10 minutes past midnight. Although everything was running on schedule, it was a tight connection, made worse by the fact that the driver of the bus taking us from our plane to the gate for our next flights (there were also passengers for Johannesburg, SA on board) refused to leave because he thought we were one passenger short.

As a result I arrived at my gate out of breath and technically late, so relieved to see that boarding was only just about to begin.

I sat next to Oscar from Sweden, on his way to Easter  Island and exchanged jokes in between sleeping.

I’m on my way!!!

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