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One month to go!

In exactly one month’s time we should be arriving in Cape Town in the Republic of South Africa. During the nine weeks that follow we’ll be travelling through the western provinces of South Africa and Namibia in search of interesting succulent plants plus anything else that we’ll see that seems worthy of having its picture taken.

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the famous fog of the Namibian Desert as it will compliment what I saw in the Chilean Atacama Desert and in Baja California.

The outline of the trip is best seen in three phases:

Phase 1 is the journey from Cape Town to the border with Namibia

Phase 1 – South Africa

Phase 2 covers our time in Namibia

Phase 2 Namibia

Phase 3 sees us back in South Africa, traveling a bit more slowly through the famous areas that we’ll have driven through at the start of the trip: The Richtersveld, Namaqualand, the Knersvlakte etc before heading east as far as Somerset East. From there we’ll head back to Cape Town and the flight home on 20 November.

Phase 3 - back to South Africa

Phase 3 – back to South Africa

To follow us on a day by day account of the trip follow this link to

19 September 2012

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