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A relatively unadventurous day so far: got up for breakfast at Mimis, a kind of upmarket Denny’s with French menus, followed by an ‘everything out of the car’ session an everything out of the bags’ session a session to merge the outputs of the foregoing with the ‘fresh out of the washing machine’ and then a session to redistribute the total pile over the ‘check-in bag’, the ‘carry on bag’ the ‘lap-top and camera bag ‘ and my jacket, the ‘wear as a coat’ bag.
Some how the ‘neatly fold clothes’ phase got missed out – again!
As I looked through the papers for ’check in flight’, the ‘return rental car’ papers passed by. ‘Return car by 14:30‘ I read. It was 13:00 and we still needed to get the car washed! So return car associated tasks now became item one of the critical path analysis.
Automated car wash was indicated – $5 instead of $20 for a handwash. It wasn’t very good, but did the track. I had to drive to the Dollar depot at LAX but without SatNav, as the last 4 weeks had shown it to require it’s first update from purchase.
So Eunice grabbed an old SatNav system and some cables out of a drawer and we were set to go
As I was going through the carwash, I realised that the Dollar rental car paper work was still on the table at Eunice’s, so back to pick it up.
Despite the volume of traffic, the car was checked in 15 minutes before its deadline.  ’Thanks for using Dollar, Sir, Hope to see you again!’  Quite a different car rental story compared to the Alamo saga in Chile!
Now the waitng stage – write catch ups on Diaries. Technically my flight leaves tomorrow at 00:10
The next report will come from Mexico City – Hidalgo

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