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Today’s entry will be simple, short & sweet:

For the second morning I woke up with muscle and joint aches as though I had dragged three heavy bags around Mexico City airport for hours a few day ago.

Oh, I had! No surprise then!

We presented ourselves on the lawn at 8, as before, for breakfast and were served coffee with a smile. This location has by far the best internet connection so I did not mind waiting for the rest of breakfast as it provided the opportunity to fire off partly completed reports for 7, 8 and 9th. That done, I thought it best to stretch my meager knowledge of Spanish by asking if the Senora was going to take our order for breakfast. Sorry, no breakfast today. Thanks for telling us!

We might as well leave then! Except there was a minor complication with Ian’s credit card payment – the poor lady had not heard of the PIN system and had keyed in Ian’s 3 digit security number on the back of the card instead. Then the c 250 km drive to San Luis de la Paz through industrial and agricultural land – no pictures taken.

We made it safely to San Luis de la Paz and are staying in Hotel Parras, next door to the Hotel where I stayed with Eunice in 2011 – this one has front of house car parking.

Tomorrow we go to look for Turbinicarpus alonsoi.

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