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The flight eventually left some 45 minutes late, but while I was asleep, just waking up for food & drinks, we had made up enough time to arrive ahead of schedule, until we hit Heathrow airspace where we were told there was an (air) traffic jam, so that we ended up being some 15 minutes late arriving. As I had checked in my luggage (15.7 kg including souvenirs as opposed to just 11.6 kg on the LHR – MEX flight!) relatively early in Mexico City, it seemed fair that the First In – Last Out system appeared to be in use – well not really last, but there were only some half a dozen folk waiting when my bag rolled onto the belt.

I had asked Angie to bring a camera for the usual image of me emerging through the Arrival Gate for the usual ‘last image of the trip’ shot, but was sad that there was no sign of her.

When she appeared, some ten minutes later, she explained that she had been tracking the flight on-line and so had learned of my delayed departure which seemed to persist through out the flight, only to jump to the new arrival time when it was too late, plus getting stuck in her own traffic jam, on the M25. In her rush to leave home she had also forgotten the camera, so I just looked like an out of place Midnight Cowboy character. The benefit was that Angie’s delay resulted in the lowest airport car park charge that I can remember – just £3.


Since returning home I’ve thrown myself into updating Google Earth with the GPS coordinates photographed on our SatNav at the start of each stop – when I remembered – and making a list of where I forgot, hoping that Alain was more conscientious in recording such stop info. It also appeared that I had ‘lost’ or ‘misplaced’ all images of 19 October, but I managed to find it in the ‘wrong’ location which happened as I was backing up all my images on to my HD as I was waiting to at the airport.

I had thought that I might have had to wait until my new laptop charger had arrived (the original was left at T1, at Mexico International Airport), but fortunately the files had not been lost in transit.

I’ve also given Angie a few viewings of what we saw, confirming that it will again be hard to select the best 400 images for 2015 presentations.

And work has started on ‘The Cactus Trip Diaries – Mexico 2014 pt 2’, another Blurb self published work that I enjoy having as my own personal souvenir of each trip.

As you can see, I’ve been busy enough to be almost unaware of the rain that has been steadily coming down since arriving in autumn sunshine on Sunday. Angie appears to have done a great job of looking after my Cacti & Succulent Plant Collection during my absence and we’ve been on shopping expedition to find suitable hangers for my ever growing collection of Stetsons / sombreros / etc. as I tend to buy one during each trip.


Plans are for a trip to give talks in California in February and for a trip back to Mexico, to explore for cacti in the states of Pueblo and Oaxaca in March 2015, a first for me, so each cactus seen will be a novelty for me. But first there are 10 days in Cologne at Angie’s Mum to look forward to, with visits to the Christmas Markets.



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