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Yes, I dropped the reference to ‘sightseeing’ from today’s subject line as we did little more than laze around, shopping at Wallmart and two hours at the Seal Beach dog park with Bosco.

The dog park was something that I’m not familiar with in the UK. It’s a fenced off piece of parkland with parking to allow a large number of dogs and their owners to enjoy some safe time in the Californian sunshine. Everybody seemed to know everybody else. Eunice asked one of her friends for a recommendation of a good steak house, not too expensive and not too far away. We ended up with about one hundred suggestions, some contradictory. ‘We’ll probably finish up eating at a Chinese’ I added helpfully. That just gave rise to more suggestions for good Chinese restaurants.

By the time we left, after all the talk of Prime Ribs and thick juicy steaks, we were all starving. Even the dogs seemed to be hungry, crowding round Eunice who had a pocket full of dog biscuits.

We finished up at Bruce’s where I had a large New Yorker with, believe it or not, a salad, that I ate all of (OK, after passing the brocolli to Eunice).

Tomorrow I visit the Long Beach Cactus & Succulent Society for my first talk of 2015 – FOG.

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