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I woke up this morning to thick fog! I wish that I had gone out to record it on video! But of course here it is not the only source of water for plants. It does perhaps explain why all Societies have elected to go for my FOG talk rather than different talks at different Societies, as people in California often belong to and attend more than one Society meeting per month. By about 10:30 the sun had burnt the fog away for another warm sunny day.
Eunice had signed up for a number of photo and video courses at the local college, including a 5 week, 1 day per week course on Photoshop. So after breakfast at Denny’s I settled down in front of her huge TV, tuned in to BBC World News which forecasts temperatures of 21 C today, rising to 23 on Thursday.
After lunch, I set off early for tonight’s meeting at Sunset CSS at Marina del Rey. I hoped that the Marina would provide some subjects for my camera. I was not looking forward too much to my first drive back in the dark on my own after the meeting, buit all was well. Eunice confirmed the nick-name that Rudolf Schulz gave me during a visit in the UK of ‘the Prozac Driver’ as I drive slower than others, particularly in the dark. In the US I tend to sit in lane 1 or 2 so I don’t have to worry about reaching the exit where my SatNav tells me to turn off. Of course, I have two SatNavs – Eunice’s Garmin, a different model to the one I forgot to bring from the UK and, when she is there, Eunice herself, who often suggests alternative routes based on experience. If we use the car pool lane, one left from the fast lane, I tend to drift back to the slowest lane at least a mile before the exit I have to take. Eunice, and many other drivers around us, often leave it to the last minute so that I have seen some frightening near misses as cars cut across traffic of 6 to 8 lanes in some places, to make the exit.

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