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Original Publication

Copiapoa ahremephiana N.P.Taylor & G.J.Charles Syst. Init. 13: 15. 2002 [Apr 2002]
Cactaceae Systematics Initiatives: Bulletin of the International Cactaceae Systematics Group. England

Original Description

‘Full descriptions, illustrations and commentary for two new species from the Quebrada Botija will be published in a forthcoming issue of the British Cactus & Succulent Journal. Names for the species are validated below, with grateful thanks to Mrs Christine Barker (Herbarium, K) for checking the Latin diagnoses:

14001 Copiapoa ahremephiana N.P. Taylor & G. Charles species nova fortasse C. cinereae affinis sed habitu dense caespitoso et caulibus 3-4-plo minoribus pulvinos hemisphaericos formantibus differt. Holotypus: Chile, Antofagasta, c. 70 km N of Paposo, Quebrada Botija, Caleta Botija,Ferryman RMF 53 (K, in spirit).’

note: the promised article was published in BCSJ 22 (1) 23-27

Distribution (Map)

References in Literature

The Chileans: 16(53):86 Finding which sort of Copiapoa?
The Chileans: 16(53);91 Copiapoa paposoensis
The Chileans: 17(55):10a
Copiapoa variispinata
Roger Ferryman suggested that the Copiapoa sp., now known as C. ahremephiana, may be Ritter’s Copiapoa rarissima.
The Chileans: 17(55):10b The Quebrada Botija
Schulz, R & Kapitany, A, (1996) Copiapoa in their Environment The authors were at the time of the opinion that C. ahremphinana was in fact Ritter’s C. varispinata
Charles, G (1998) Copiapoa, Cactus File Handbook 4:6 Reports that the plant in circulation under field collection number RMF 53 needs to be described as a new species.
Doni C (2001) Quebrada Botija, Cactus & Co V (4) 211-218
Rebmann, N (2002) Copiapoa sp. nova Botija Valley, Succulenta 25(2):30-31 as C. ahremephiana
Charles, G (2004) The identification of the Copiapoaspecies from Quebrada Botija, Chile BCSJ 22 (1) 23-27 as C. ahremephiana
Hunt D. (Ed.) (2006)
The New Cactus Lexicon
as the most northern member of the cinerea group.
Schulz, R (2006)
Copiapoa 2006
as C. ahremephiana
PK Comments

The official naming of the species at the mouth of the Botija Valley was very welcome. Our impressions on visiting the habitat on two occasions in 2001 was of a plant that, in habitat, was unlike any that we had seen before (or afterwards).  However, I was very surprised to see plants raised in the UK from habitat seed – their appearance in cultivation is so different from the plants in habitat, that they may as well be different species – which, uncomfortably, brings us back to possible links withC. varispinata.

Copiapoathons: We saw Copiapoa ahremephiana at Caleta Botija and at the mouth of the Quebrada Botija, recorded at:


All material, except where otherwise credited, is Copyright
© 2001-2015 Paul Klaassen

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