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Change of URL

Dear readers,

Please note that the URL for the Cactus Trip Diaries has changed to


The reason for the change is that I wanted to be able to include videos on the Blog and that required an upgrade (and payment) to the Premium Account and offered a free Domain name as a bonus.

I expect that your subscription to The Cactus Trip Diaries will continue seamlessly and will use this first new message since the change to check that notifications continue without glitches.

Next challenge: learn what formats video files need to be in to be accepted on the Blog.

Ultimately I want to check if it is possible to include my full 45 minute presentations for this and previous trips on the blog, so that my audience for presentations can increase without me having to travel great distances to and from the presentation locations. Should also benefit your local Cactus & Succulent Societies as they save on my travel expenses. I might have to review past presentations to include a voice over. What would be required to view these for a club evening would be a venue that is able to receive a wifi signal, a computer connected to the wifi link and plugged in to a digital projector. I expect it to be a process of trail and error, but as my Dad used to say: ‘You need to have the dream to turn it into a vision to work out what needs to be done to achieve it!’

Happy dreaming!

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  1. margot spratley said:

    Hey you I think I remember you’re off tomorrow ? Will be looking out for your posts and to wish you another successful trip to add to your many adventures! Keep us updated and we’ll follow you on the map. Sending our love xxx

    Sent from my iPhone


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