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Eunice had arranged accommodation for us at the Motel 6 in Westminster, CA, clean, safe and convenient. We had agreed to meet up at the Westminster Café, a nice change from the usual Denny’s, although I did have to get used to the large menu which was in a different order. The house number above the door was 6260, which I assumed was the minimum entry age to this diner, so that Angie and Eunice were under age! Dodging zimmer frames and walking sticks we enjoyed a nice breakfast and sticking to our usual up at 7, breakfast at 8, on the road by 9 routine, left right on time.

Off to San Diego to pick Jonathan up from his Hotel and start the treasure hunt to find the new location of Dollar Rent A Car. Another nightmare. I explained last night’s adventures at LAX to Maria who promised to sort us out. Yes, there were 5 full size SUVs in stock, just take your pick. We selected a white Dodge Journey with California plates. Then the shock! Some 2-3 weeks ago there had been a merger between Dollar, Thrifty and Hertz. Mexico Insurance, if granted by the insurer was now US$ 48 per day. I checked: did you say Hertz or HURTS? Still, too late to change plans now, so bite the bullet and again after more than an hour of hustling, we were off.

At the border crossing we were amazed that we were the only customers at the Mexican Tourist Visa offices. How could that be, with six lanes of cars streaming in? The officials shrugged their shoulders – as did we – no queues!

We found our way onto MEX1D straight away and made the usual detour onto MEX1 Libre as soon as we spotted Dudleya brittonia in green and white growing on the road cutting. The white plants must have had some rain, as the white farina had not yet fully formed. Also seen and photographed: Ferocactus viridescens, Mammillaria dioica (in flower) and Bergerocactus emoryi. Agave shawii was here as well but I failed to find a plant nice enough to photograph. Many more opportunities in days to come!

In Ensenada I managed to find Hotel Cortez where we had stayed last time, in 2014. A stroll along the shops, where I nearly bought a pair of python skin cowboy style boots, until common sense struck. May be on the way home!

Tomorrow we head for San Quintin.

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