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All good things come to an end, and so today is our turn around point. First to La Paz Airport to allow Eunice to catch her flight back to Tijuana and from there walk into the USA. In the mean time, we have a driving day to Loreto where we managed to find rooms in the excellent Hotel Oasis.

I’m still suffering the effects of yesterday’s boat ride where one BANG as the boat slammed into a wave caused my back to smack against a ridge along the side of the boat. It doesn’t feel like the usual disc problem. I’ll survive (in pain) until I get back to the UK where doctors can take a look for free.

Very much a (410 km) driving day with the cameras only clicking three times – to take pictures of Hotel Kurt & Marina to remind us of the great time we had there.

Tomorrow we celebrate Jonathan’s birthday with a look at the damage caused by the fire in San Ignacio, a trip into the Sierra San Francisco to see Ferocactus rectispinus, a side trip to see Pachycereus (Lophocereus) schottii monstrose, the Totem Pole cactus before hitting the margaritas at Guerrero Negro.


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