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More catching up to do as the unpredictability of broadband quality and bed space continue to mess up the best laid plans ….

We had planned to make a number of stops to see the transition of Ferocactus fordii to Ferocactus gracilis and this went very well. My back is still sore, so progress on foot is slow, but Angie and Jonathan spread out so that we cover quite an area.

We finished up at our usual spot to check up on the health of the Echinocereus lindsayi population. We found the usual 6-7 plants looking healthy and in full bud but there were also a number of holes that suggest that some recent digging activity had taken place. Jonathan was rightly amazed at the similarities of this Echinocereus with Ferocactus.

We had hoped to check in at Mision Catavina and then explore around the Rancho Santa Ines looking for the totem pole version of Steneocereus (Lophocereus) schottii that is reported from there, The rather abrupt comment from the desk was ‘no vacancies’, not even followed by the usual ‘have a nice day’! Itremain unclear to what extent these hotels are a cohesive chain, with the old names of Desert Inn and La Pinta still appearing along the Mision names, but the Catavina one remains the weak chain in the link.

The staff at Mision Santa Maria welcomed us almost like old friends – we’re in the same rooms that we had a few weeks ago and they listened to our comment that the toilet in our room did not flush on the first visit. It now worked fine. And it was great to enjoy the first hot water shower for a while!

I’ll add the full stop report for the day during the catch up phase back in the UK in a week’s time

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