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Best wishes for 2017 to all regular readers of The Cactus Trip Diaries.

In exactly one month’s time I’m off with Alain Buffel, Jonathan Clark and Chris Hayes for another cactus trip to Mexico.

Like the Baja trip in February 2016, this trip will focus on seeing and photographing cacti in the genus Ferocactus, this time the taxa growing in the southern states of the Mexican mainland. We hope to see:

Ferocactus alamosensis subsp. reppenhagenii, F. latispinus and F. lindsayi in the state of Michoacan

F. echidne, F. glaucescens, F. histrix and F. latispinus – all in Hidalgo

F. flavovirens, F. haematacanthus, F. hamatacanthus, F. macrodiscus, F. recurvus and F. robustus – in Puebla

as well as F. recurvus subsp. greenwoodii in Oaxaca.

Of course, whenever a different cactus, or other succulent plant, should cross the lenses of our cameras we’ll be sure to press the shutter.

Our flights have been booked for a while, as well as the first night’s hotel near the airport. I just need to see if there are any good deals in the New Year’s (car rental) sales.

Although I have never been to these states before, so that finding hotels with internet access may be a bit hit and miss, I hope to be able to publish daily reports of what we found on these pages.

I hope that you’ll enjoy following us on our adventures.

Comments on: "Sunday 1 January 2017 – Happy 2017 and One month to go!" (3)

  1. Brian Bates said:

    My very limited experience of Mexio (3 wks in Baja) suggest that everywhere in Mexico has wifi, whereas NOWHERE in USA has it. In theUSA when a restaurant says they have wifi, it never seems to work.
    Have a good trip

  2. Are you taking any requests? If so, I sure love to see photos of Echeverias and similar succulents growing epiphytically!

    • We’re targeting cacti and this time Ferocactus in particular, but if we see any other plants that are of interest to audiences at C&S, I’m bound to take their picture. The problem is that such audiences expect speakers to be experts on everything that they show and that is just not the case for me. I have in the past posted images of plants and asked for IDs, only to still be waiting. If we find any Echeveria, I’ll post their images and see what happens.

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