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There is a reason why today’s missive appears before yesterday’s. Today is Jonathan Clark’s birthday and I promised to send him some flowers for this special day. On their last day in the field, on 26 February, we went to see Ferocactus haemanthacanthus, first seen by us on __  February, in bud, but with just a few flowers open when we went to see it a second time. There were plenty of buds, and now it was one of the last opportunities for us to go and see what happened. Well, the two plants (known as Chris Hayes’ plants), were in flower, but this time I’m pleased that these two plants had three and four flowers respectively and a lot more buds for days / weeks to come. At home too, Fero’s can be real teasers, showing buds for weeks on end, then bursting into flower when you are away and so having to wait a year to catch them again. So, for Jonathan’s birthday:

Ferocactus haematacanthus

Ferocactus haematacanthus


Ferocactus haematacanthaus

Ferocactus haematacanthaus

In addition lots more plants in advanced buds.

Enjoy, Jonathan!

Comments on: "Saturday 11 March – Apizaco to Tehuacan" (1)

  1. Trevor S said:

    Beautiful Paul!

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