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These flowering gardens are known as Chinampa (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinampa for more than you’ll ever need to now on the subject) and the famous tourist attraction is found at Lake Xochimilco.

Being there on a week day was absolutely ideal, with hundreds or even thousands of brightly painted sightseeing boats lying empty. But during weekends and public Holidays, the canals must be heaving with them. In between the tourist bands, there are others selling food, drinks, souvenirs or even with musicians – complete Mariachi bands – entertaining the tourists. We managed to capture it all on digital images and video.

The floating gardens at Xochimilco

The floating gardens at Xochimilco

Apart from some display gardens that could be visited, with some plants for sale, there was also a small exhibit of reptiles.

Alain complained of being hungry. BTW the snake (below) is a real Boa constrictor!

Alain loves his snakes

Alain loves his snakes

The weather forecast had warned of thunderstorms around 17:00 hrs, and sure enough, 30 minutes earlier and safely at the Hotel, copying our image files, the rain burst out. By 17:00 hrs, it was all over so that we can venture out for a Margarita!

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