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At S3749 we enjoyed Alain scaling a metal gate as a true athlete, but in slow motion. On the other side we found a Melocactus sp. and a ceroid in flower that I have been passing off as Pilosocereus multicostata, except that the flower is wrong for Pilosocereus.

S3749: ID anyone?
S3749: The Tacinga inamoena was covered in mealy bug!

Compared to the azure blue Pilosocereus stems, the green bodied P. floccosus seen here was quite boring.

Pilosocereus floccosus

More of the same appeared at S3750 while S3751 was a site that Cliff and I had visited in 2009 with Coleocephalocereus (Buiningia) aureus subsp. elongatus. Beautiful and impressive plants!

S3751: Coleocephalocereus (Buiningia) aureus subsp. elongatus

Comments on: "Saturday, 1 December 2018 – Aracuai to Salinas" (1)

  1. Richard Portman said:

    Tacinga is equivalent to Opuntia? Those mealy bugs look like the famous cochineal.

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