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We still had the usual reserve day, in case of breakdowns or sickness left, so Marlon asked for suggestions for any visits for today. After yesterday’s visit to U. horrida and because I missed out on the Inhai plants on day one due my fall, I proposed taking another look at the plants near Inhai.

So after a bit more sightseeing in Diamantina and purchases of some of the semi-precious stones we went back to Inhai. After a month to acclimatise since our first visit here must have helped, although I was grateful for the help that John and Chris gave me to get to the spot where on 16 November 2009 I found a beautiful trio of long spined plants. Surely, these must be the same taxon as what we had seen yesterday as U. horrida. The interesting thing looking at the Inhai plants in more detail, is that as well as long spined plants there were also a good number of ‘normal’ U. pectinifera, so that I am tempted to suggest that U. horrida could be a mere synonym of U. pectinifera.

So the trio of long spined U. pectinifera again had their pictures taken. Back home I noticed that the plants had not seem to have grown in the last 9 years! Come to think of it, neither had I! Just a lot weaker than in 2009!

The Trio at S3764 near Inhai.
Rarely have I been so tempted to invite a plant to come home with me, but I’m pleased that they are still there, to be enjoyed at a future visit and by others in the meantime.
S3765: Discocactus placentiformis getting ready to flower tonight. There must have been a full moon tonight!

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