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To celebrate tonight’s Summer Solstice event, I thought I’d try a new approach for inviting friends past, present and future to informal Zoom presentations on any Cactus or Succulent Plant related subject.

These presentations came about as I had a crazy idea to fill the gap left in my calendar for the Second Weekend in September 2020 with a series of Zoom presentations by various speakers randomly selected from my circle of friends. Most people may not realize that there is quite a bit of preparation for such presentations rather than the 45 minutes or so that you see on the day.

Giving your presentation via Zoom is quite different to setting up your computer and projector in your club’s hall and watching with your audience what appears on the screen (or sometimes a plain white wall).

Yes, you still play your presentation on your computer, but what does your audience see and hear? Is your internet connection good enough to upload your program that may include music, video, 3D images and video? Does the Grandfather clock next to your computer interfere with the sound that the audience hears? What about the pump of your aquarium? Are your kids planning a party while you’re planning to entertain your audience? Who knows, we’re all learning! We’re not afraid to try out new things – and fail, and learn how we might overcome the challenges.

To work towards excellent presentations on The Second Weekend in September 2020, (SWiS2020 for short) I’ve set up these informal Sunday meetings. Initially I wanted to keep the audience small. If you want to present your last trip to Cactus Country, you might like to invite the friends who went with you. I wanted to invite a few friends with far more experience in the use of ZOOM to help out when things go wrong. Since then the audience has grown, as due to the need to isolate during the Coronavirus pandemic, people run out of things to do.

I intend to use these Blog pages to announce the details of the invite to the informal Sunday Zoom meetings.
Paul Klaassen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Madagascar 2016
Time: Jun 21, 2020 07:30 PM London


Meeting ID: 889 9489 6983
Password: PKentertai

I have a Zoom Pro Account that allows for up to 100 attendants. Like any cactus meeting, when the hall is full, there is no more space. If this should happen a lot, than I can look into alternative solutions.

The actual trip that this presentation is based on is included in my Cactus Trip Diaries starting at https://pkcactus.info/2016/10/15/

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