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Happy Birthday to Angie Money and to Mark Fryer in California!

Every Sunday, at 19:30 BST, I host an informal zoom meeting by a number of speakers whom I would like to be speakers during the Second Weekend in September 2020.

This Sunday I would like to invite you to Rikus van Veldhuisen’s Informal Zoom meeting entitled :

Magical Tanzania
– a presentation about my latest trip to Tanzania in last January with a lot of Euphorbias’

Time: Sunday July 5, 2020 07:30 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 8335 3817
Password: RikusvV

I have a Zoom Pro Account that allows for up to 100 attendants. Like any cactus meeting, when the hall is full, there is no more space. Please email me if this should happen to you. If this should happen a lot, than I can look into alternative solutions.

Zoom has a ‘record’ function that can be operated by the host, for host and speaker to both learn from these informal meetings and are then deleted. Many speakers do not give permission to record the talks, so if you have unfortunately missed the meeting, do not embarrass me to have to refuse your request. If you know that you will have to miss a future meeting by all means contact the speaker and ask them to grant me permission to record their talk. After the meeting, I can send the copy to the speaker and let them distribute them as they want. Files are quite large so you may need to use free software such as WeTransfer to send the files. Without explicit written instructions from the speaker, I will ignore requests.

In these days of the Covid pandemic, I am happy to learn and gain experience of Zoom meetings by paying for the Zoom licence out of my own pocket. I would encourage everyone who attends these or other hobby Zoom meetings / presentations either by the BCSS or any other hobby organisations to share lessons learned.

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