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Sunday, 23 August 2020

Chez Pauls

SWiS2020 rehearsal

Again, today, Eunice Thompson: ‘Looking for Cacti and Succulents by drone’ was the planned program. Last week she asked to move the presentation to this week to enable her to replace her hard drive. Although she has successfully replaced her hard drive, testing it on her changed set up revealed a few more flaws.

So once again I’ll step into the frame. The last few years the Tephrocactus Study Group have had a slot at ELK. I asked if they would like to propose a speaker and/or subject to fill the slot for 2020. So far I have not had a reply, but have been asked by a BCSS Havering branch to dust down a talk entitled ‘But I don’t like Opuntias!’

I gave a presentation of this subject at the AGM of the Tephrocactus Study Group some ten years ago. It was meant to be a one-off talk – no body likes Opuntias, right?! WRONG! Each year I get at least one request for this talk, but I was never been able to find the images again. Once I put together another set of images that did the trick, gave the presentation … and misplaced the images again.

This time I have put together Version 3 (2020) and will make at least three copies of it, specially made for Zoom! With age, I have found my memory lets me down just when I need it, so this time I rely a lot more on information being displayed on-screen. This means that each slide will be displayed a lot longer rather than my usual jam-packed program, so tonight will indicate if I need more or less images.

Could all speakers please contact me with the final title of their talk, a brief biography of themselves and a brief description of their chosen subject.

I look forward to seeing you all tonight!

Topic: But I Don’t Like Opuntias! (V3, 2020)
Time: Aug 23, 2020 07:30 PM London

Meeting ID: 884 8941 7596
Passcode: Opuntia

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