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Sunday 13 September 2020 SWiS – DAY 3

Alain Buffel writes:

I bought my first cactus (Mammillaria hahniana and still in my collection in the greenhouse) back in 1978 and a second plant followed the next week.

I was offically infected with the cactus and succulent virus and there was and still is no cure for it. Wanting to see the world of the plants that I grew my first ‘plant-expedition’ followed in 1991 to go and see the then still very exotic world with a 6 week trip to South Africa.

To make a long story short, I never recovered from that infection either and travelling the world to see plants in habitat became a second passion, never to end again. Some 20 trips later I still feel passionate by growing plants, mainly from seeds brought back from habitat plants. This resulted in a trip to Australia in 2018. This the  story of that trip:

Join Alain at his Webinar at : Sunday 13 September – 11:30 Central European Summer Time
(= 10:30 British Summer Time)


Meeting ID: 811 4472 3794
Passcode: BuffelRoo

Join Dr. Jonathan Clark’s ‘Cacti & Succulents in 3D’ Webinar on Sunday 13 September 15:00 PM European Summer Time (= 14:00 British Summer Time) by following: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84737413362?pwd=am9FZFV4eTVlamxuSHBZbmZlZmVvQT09

Meeting ID: 847 3741 3362
Passcode: DrYClark

Jonathan Clark writes: I have been growing cacti and other succulents all my life since school days, and I have always been interested in technology, especially computers, plus photography. My interests also include anything and everything that enables creation and showing of 3-Dimensional images. I have already given many 3D cactus and succulent talks in ‘real’ 3D, taken both in habitat and in cultivation – my aim being to bring a ‘full immersion’ view of cactus habitats to the audience. However, that uses the same technique as the cinema and requires a special screen and glasses. Since everyone will just be viewing the talks this weekend on their home computer screens, that are (mostly) not 3D, it has been quite a challenge to work out a way of giving a 3D talk that can be viewed on normal 2D screens. The method I’ve worked out does NOT need polarising or ‘funny-coloured’ glasses. I will be showing pictures taken during trips to Mexico, including Baja, that I went on with Paul Klaassen and others, as well as pictures taken of plants in cultivation.

Paul writes: Jonathan’s parents must have had quite a sense of humour giving him a middle name starting with the letter Y. There is already a Doctor Who, so he is Doctor Why! Enjoy the images! We hope to persuade Jonathan to write up how he did this (perhaps in Cactus World?) I’d love to know how to do this AND make it look good in webinars!

And that is it! Feel free to stay until the janitor switches off the lights. Have another drink with friends! Make plans to meet up next year for the Second Weekend in September 2021, hopefully at Duinse Polder in Blankenberge, Belgium.

Normally we would be on the ferry to Dover, gaining an hour before we reach England. Some 3 hours after disembarking I arrive home, rushing to unload the car before dark. Tomorrow the race begins to move all my plants back into the greenhouse for winter, until May next year when they move outside for summer sun and rain.

Thank you to all the presenters and people who sat through the test presentations to minimise any ‘problemettes’. Many people have thanked me to help us to get us through these strange COVID 19 days. Check this page for announcements for future get togethers.

Stay Safe!

Saturday 12 September, 2020 DAY 2

Saturday 12 September – 11:30 Central European Summer Time
(= 10:30 British Summer Time)
Paul Klaassen (Tephrocactus Study Group) ‘But I don’t like Opuntias! 2020’.

In the absence of formal proposals from the TSG, I will present ‘But I don’t like Opuntias – 2020.’ The theme will be similar to the talk I gave at the TSG AGM what seems now quite a while ago. Once again I’ll show images (newly selected) that I have seen in nature from the 15-16 or so groups that are known as Opuntias s.l. using the taxonomy/classification of the New Cactus Lexicon 2006. Plenty of opportunity for differing opinions! No fighting please! 🙂

To join this webinar, click the link at the start time.

Meeting ID: 846 2928 3591
Passcode: Tephros

Saturday 12 September – 13:30 Central European Summer Time
(= 12:30 British Summer Time)
Rikus van Veldhuisen (Euphorbia International Org):

Magnificent Tanzania
Images from my recent trips to Tanzania, with of course any Euphorbia we saw!

Image taken from http://u4ba.nl/about_me.html

To join this webinar, click the link at the start time.

Meeting ID: 849 4186 0792
Passcode: Tanzania

Saturday 12 September – 18:00 hrs Central European Summer Time
(= 17:00 British Summer Time)
Finn Larsen (Denmark) : A trip to southern Peru

Finn writes: I´m Danish and live with my wife to the west of Copenhagen. For many years I’ve been active in our Danish Cactus and Succulent Society (Nordisk Kaktus Selskab) and for many years I  have been travelling to look for cacti and succulents. Paul K. writes: in 2003 we met Finn, on his own, in the Quebrada San Ramon, near to Taltal on our second Copiapoathon. Ian had space in his car, so invited Finn to join us for the rest of our trip. Finn has traveled since with Ian in USA and Mexico and meets up with our group at ELK where he has a sales stand.

Finn continues: In 2015 I paid my friend Carlos Jimenez a visit and we made some trips looking for cacti in Peru. One of our trips went to southern Peru and Macusani to see Punotia lagopus and other cacti.

To join this webinar, click the link at the start time

Meeting ID: 897 3673 8932
Passcode: FinninPeru

Saturday 12 September – 20:00 hrs Central European Summer Time
(= 19:00 British Summer Time)

Wiebe Bosma – Succulent highlights from Ethiopia

To join this webinar, click the link at the start time

Meeting ID: 837 7218 8864
Passcode: Asclepiads

Paul writes: within minutes of Ronald’s announcement on Facebook that ELK 2020 would be cancelled this year because of COVID-19 I wrote to my friends suggesting that we should set up Webinar presentations to fill the gap in our diaries. Wiebe was the first to reply, within minutes, and so has been given the Saturday night ‘Top Slot’

Regular attendants of ELK will know Wiebe from his sales stand at the back of the tent in Duinse Polder. In case he needs further introduction Wiebe writes: “Born in 1959, have enjoyed a ‘life-time’ interest in cacti and succulents. I started collecting these plants as a teenager and right now have a mixed collection in a 24 square meter greenhouse. I enjoy looking for cacti and succulents in their natural habitat and have done so in 8 different countries. Wiebe has a broad interest in people, culture and nature from the countries that he visits and being an amateur photographer, so always returns back home with a load of pictures. And yes, he likes the local beers. Cheers!

And so we reach the end of Saturday night. Feel free to continue the chat over a few more (Belgian) beers or wine from cactus country and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning for more Webinars!