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Since 1995 I have enjoyed sharing my experiences of various aspects of the cactus & succulent hobby with members of a range of clubs and societies that include Rotary Clubs, The Women’s Institute, Gardening Societies but primarily to Cactus & Succulent Societies, mainly in the UK, but also to overseas audiences in Europe, Chile and the United States.

In 1997 I made my first trip to ‘Cactus Country’ and from 2007 onwards I have been fortunate to have spent the majority of British winter (the days that our clocks follow British Winter Time) in the pursuit of my favourite plants in their natural habitat. As a result, I can call on an archive containing thousands of digital images and video clips to build programmes that entertain but also educate the audience in aspects of the plants in their environment including sights and information about the people in the country.

During the months that clocks in the UK point to Summer Time, I have been presenting my experiences from the winter trips. These days, all my presentations are digital programmes: digital images and movie clips recorded in a movie file with optional sound track, presented using a laptop computer, digital projector and an optional small sound system.

I am a registered speaker with the British Cactus & Succulent Society (BCSS) and Branch Secretaries and event organisers can select from a range of titles published in the BCSS Speakers List.


Given the increasing scope of these presentations, I have listed what is currently available and what is planned to be available in the near future under the broad headings of ‘What I Saw Last Winter’, ‘What I Saw in ,,, (country) and ‘Where I Saw … (genus or group in a genus)’ on the PKCactus Presentation Titles Page.

Please note the actual or proposed duration of each title as they are not the traditional ‘evening’s worth’ per title. The intention is to offer organisers a list of modules that can build into an entertaining meeting with something of interest for all attending. If you are looking for a particular subject or title and it’s not there, please ask – chances are that I have the images to meet your need provided that there is enough time to build a programme.

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  1. Hello Paul,
    I wrote recently via another email address of yours, perhaps old and no longer used.
    Soon we will meet at the Brisbane convention, must catch up for a meal together while there!
    Will you be wanting to tour parts of Oz? For native plants, succulents? If so please let me know. Perhaps I can point you in the right directions or ?
    Strange that our paths cross again. Add to this my current interest in Dudleyas. You have some great shots of Dudleya brevifolia on the internet that you took in 2010.I’m writing now to ask if I can use them in my presentation to be given at Brisbane. If you permit me, of course I will acknowledge them to you. I have pictures of this same Dudleya later when advanced flowering in early summer. It would be great to show one or two images of the contrast.
    Anyway enough on this intro to say hello.

    Can you write back to me via my email below?

    Cheers, Attila

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