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Last night’s drive ‘home’ provided all the excitement I needed for a little while, so as there was nothing much to keep me at Motel 6 (I had to balance my laptop on top of the fridge in the corner nearest to the reception office in order to get a hit and miss signal), I had a brief chat on Windows Messenger Live and then set off for a coffee at Eunice’s and some last minute tuning of Baja Plans. I also met her best friend, Gloriana, from Cuba, who made it possible for us to visit Costco, the local Cash & Carry where they were selling 4 GB CompactFlash cards (Ultra II) at US$ 27, if memory serves. Once Alain had gone home, I realised that I would be in trouble if the one card I had brought should give up the ghost, although I could have carried on snapping with the Coolpix.

With the larger card, I might try a few sessions shooting in RAW + jpg format.

The other good news was an email with very interesting plant data that was waiting for me once I was back on-line at Motel 6 in San Diego. This is where it all began just 5 weeks ago on 1 February. Alain might be interested to know that I’m in room 123 – ground floor, diagonally opposite to where we were on arrival. OK wifi signal. Password is still ‘beach’ – good job I could remember. Now that Cliff & Ian will probably be in too much of a rush to read today’s Diary page, I won’t burden the remainder of the audience with the plant details (Alain, Angie, see separate brief email to follow).

So, little more to do then wait. Oh, and do a presentation in San Diego tomorrow afternoon, that should make the waiting a bit easier. Getting quite excited about the forthcoming trip, as though it is a brand new adventure, which of course it is! No two Copiapoathons have ever been the same and I doubt that Baja will be any different in this respect.

Not sure if I’ll be able to fit tomorrow’s Diary page in, as I’m sure Cliff & Ian will have lots to talk about when they get here.

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