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We were a little late leaving as breakfast was delayed a little. Unfortunately, Larry had put up the prices since our last stay in February, from US$20 per room to US$60 per night and Ruth (who handled all the business deals in Feb.) was still on her break in Ensenada. Never mind. There are plenty of other places to check out price-wise on a future trip.

At km 46, we turned left (south) onto the track to San Borja, and easily took the little hill where common sense dictated that the Nissan was turned around. The red flowered Fero’s (F. gracilis ssp. gracilis) carried on all the way to the Misión. There were also some extremely long spined F. latispinus (?) looking plants in recent fruit. (Yes, Alain). Fero wise, Ian was extremely happy.

Much to my surprise, Ian, from behind the steering wheel of the car, spotted some Dudleya in flower. I had come to associate these plants with coastal habitats and here we were in the centre of the peninsula!  We would find them again at several stops along the track, so Eunice was extremely happy.

Cliff saw some wonderful geological features for which the explanation went over my head, but which were photographed, none the less – which made him extremely happy and me – well we got to the Misión, much earlier than last time and Hernando recognised me from the previous visit. I reminded him of the red-flowered Mammillaria and, if given the choice, would rather that he showed us where to find these plants than be
shown around the Misión again. They were only 700 m. away, he assured us – more like 700 m. in altitude, not distance along the path that steadily climbed through natural, cactus filled rock gardens – but cacti that we had already seen plenty of times  before. Eventually, and not too soon, we were there and there they were: Mammillaria (Cochemia) setispinus, some 5-6 large clumps, a short distance away from the path. It was my turn to be extremely happy.

Back to the car and on along the longer track to MEX 1 to Guerrero Negro. Once again we had to pay 20 peso (GBP 1) for the pathetic attempt to disinfect the under side of our car by the dribble of spray from a grid in the road.

I suggested that rather than paying US$ 89 per room at the Desert Inn, right on the border between Baja Norte and Baja Sur, we’d stay in Motel Ballenas and eat cheap in the little restaurant around the corner.

Unfortunately, no internet wifi here, but we should be OK to send this out tomorrow from San Ignasio.

Another great day – sorry to keep rubbing it in!

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