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It was another long day and I’m tired after a long drive through a hot desert. We made more or less the same stops and saw the same things as reported in the Diary page of 16th & 17th of February, except that we saw more Dudleya and that this time we went from El Chinero straight to Mexicali rather than make the 1 day de-tour via San Felipe.

This time, we used the Mexicali East crossing, a tip that Eunice received from another American on holiday in Baja. Not sure if it was the different crossing or the fact that it was Tuesday rather than Sunday afternoon, but we managed the crossing in just 15 minutes!

Not much later, we pulled into the Motel 6 in El Centro and after a bit of searching (we did not want to end up at IHOP, did we, Alain?!) we ended up at Famous Dave’s BBQ restaurant, where the size of our meals confirmed that we were back in the USA. Stuffed and watered, we are now gasping for air in a ex-smoker’s room – all the none smoking rooms were booked. We’re a bit away from Reception & the router, so we’ll see if this message gets through.

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