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Archive for January 5, 2009

Monday 5 January 2009 – Vallenar to Lonquen

The advantage of having an out and out driving day, on a by now very familiar Ruta 5 is that the Diary entry for today can be mercifully brief: Left Vallenar 9:20, arrived Lonquen just after 19:00, having stopped to pick up a take away from the Chinese where we at with Angie in November – is it really that long ago?

Distance driven 700 km plus.

We can now safely say that during the last 64 days we had not one puncture! Just a Universal Joint break down, but that showed that our provider was great in getting us out of a pickle, especially if I compare that with our experience in 2001, when our Nissan suffered a burnt out clutch and we were left to sort things out for ourselves.

Today there were no cactus stops and only 10 pictures taken and I have no idea why I took those – more a trigger happy finger reflex than anything meaningful.

If I am going to be brief, I’d better stop now.