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Archive for January 6, 2009

Tuesday 6 January 2009 – Lonquen

Today was very much a resting and planning day. Only things to report are:

  • We took our car back – despite the UJ problem it had performed extremely well and took us to many wonderful and out of the way places. I always feel a touch emotional when we say goodbye to a car, and this one had been longer with us than most; 15,000 km in fact. Add to that the 1,020 km that we did in the replacement car and we have 16,020 km clocked up so far, ignoring the distances travelled by airplane; providing another indication, if one were needed, of how mad we are – all this in the pursuit of cacti!
  • We then went to book our flights to Lima – everything for tomorrow was booked, so we’re now going on 8th January, giving us an extra rest day and saving us US$40 each. Will also help us to get car rental sorted.

Oh, and we took Flo shopping at the local supermarket; things don’t get much more exciting than that! No photo stops today!