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Archive for March 7, 2009

Saturday 7 March 2009 – San Carlos to Navajoa, SON

We started the day with a visit to observe and photograph the flora of Cañon de Nacapule: A desert-bounded tropical canyon near Guaymas, Sonora, S1309. Canon de Nancapule: Agave chrysoglossa, Agave colorata (fortiflora), Ficus palmeri, Fouquieria diguettii, Jatropha cuneata, palms (3 taxa), Euphorbia ceroderma. We photographed the following plants: Agave chrysoglossa, Agave colorata (fortiflora), Cylindropuntia sp#1, Echinocereus sp., Ferocactus wislizeni (ssp herrerae?), Hechtia sp (montana?), Mammillaria sp., Opuntia sp., Paychycereus schottii and Stenocereus thurberi and probably saw but failed to identify Ficus palmeri, Fouquieria diguettii, Jatropha cuneata, palms (3 taxa) and Euphorbia ceroderma.

We headed south on I 15, turning on to a few side tracks to stop and photograph cacti; S1309, S1310 S1311 and S1312 Cylindropuntia sp#1, Ferocactus wislizeni, Mammillaria sp. Pachycereus pecten-arboriginum, Stenocereus alomosensis and S. thurberi, The lack of diversity in the cactus flora was disappointing, perhaps we’ve just been spoiled too much already.