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Archive for March 29, 2009

Sunday, 29 March 2009 – Rest day at Los Alamitos

We really did very little today, other than starting the massive exercise of copying each other’s digital images to our respective plug-in hard drives, thus significantly increasing the already huge numbers of images that we had taken ourselves. Why? The exercise provides us with back ups of our images just in case some small disaster should befall our computers. Plus, it is the first opportunity of looking at each other’s images, as by the time that we have down loaded our own images each day there is no time to share what we saw with our fellow travellers.  While we tend to take pictures of each other as well as of the plants, we never get round to taking pictures of ourselves, so it is a good opportunity to collect evidence, if it were needed, that we ‘were there’.  And last but not least, as a group we see much more than as single individuals, so it is always worthwhile, if time permits, to check through each others pictures for something rare and unusual that one person saw and photographed but that had escaped the rest of us.

Eunice got the car washed and valletted and we returned our home for the last four weeks to Dollar Rent A Car in good time, where its return to the fleet went without any hitches.