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Archive for December 9, 2009

Wednesday, 9 December – Itamarandiba to Diamantina

Today was a completely uneventful.

As indicated yesterday, we had more or less completed our cactus list for Minas Gerais, so decided to go the easy, comfortable but longer way back, on asphalt, to Diamantina, where we arrived around noon. We had not bothered to stop on the way and our cameras had not come out of their bags.

We were greeted like long lost friends by the staff at the hotel and felt the same way about returning ‘home’.

With time on our hands we had our main meal early and had the car washed at the service station next door. As in England, just after driving out of the car wash, the clouds looked very threatening, as though rain was imminent. So far, not a drop as yet.

We leave tomorrow for a 286 km drive to Lagoa Santa, some 10 km from Confinis, a.k.a. Belo Horizonte Airport for our last night in Minas Gerais before flying out to Salvador, Bahia where the cactus adventure continues.