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Archive for December 11, 2009

Friday, 11 December – Confins, MG to Milagres, BA

The car was checked in, again, without any problems. It had served us well and got us to places where I had not thought that it could.

Check in at the airport was also nice and smooth, with the only snag that our flight was delayed by over an hour. The only snag there was that Marlon had to spend extra time waiting for us.

Marlon had booked another Chevrolet Minerva for us for the first two weeks of our trip in Bahia. On 28 December John Senior joins us again from the US and Marlon has also found the time to join us, so we’ll need a larger car and have booked a Fiat Doblo.

Marlon’s ambitious plan was for us to drive the 500 plus km to Vitoria da Conquista today AND make a few cactus stops on the way. Due to our delayed flight and the heavy volume of trucks and lorries on the main highways (still only one lane each way most of the time) it was more sensible to aim for Jequie instead and eventually to find a hotel in Milagres, right in ‘inselberg country’ with interesting cacti lined up for tomorrow.