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The BBC News UK headlines were daunting:

‘Drivers warned as freeze goes on – Heavy snow and ice will make the Monday morning commute hazardous, especially in the worst hit parts of eastern England and Scotland.’

‘Temperature drops to -17C in Wales’

Why should I worry?

Because Angie and her son Peter left Amesbury at around 3 a.m. this morning, heading for Dover to catch the 8 a.m. Dover to Dunkirk ferry and are then driving on to Cologne for a one week break at her parents.

Because Cliff has to get from Waterlooville in the south east of the UK to Heathrow Airport for his 15:25 flight to Madrid, from where he is due to fly to Santiago. Flighttracker reports the flight was delayed for 20 minutes but is on its way. Is Cliff on it?

Because John Carr has to travel from York to Heathrow tomorrow to fly to Santiago via Sao Paulo. Will he be able to get to get to Heathrow?

This time of year it seems best to have already made the journey to Santiago, where it’s pushing 28C and it’s just about bearable next to the pool with an ice-cold Crystal.

Tomorrow will tell at least part of the outcomes.

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