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Flight tracker is wonderful, except that it seems to work best for flights in US airspace. It did report that Cliff’s flight had not left Madrid on time and that any delays would be updated later. It suggested on one screen that the flight, due to arrive at 9:15 would be 30 minutes late, while on another screen we were advised trhat it would land at 10:08. That was the time that we pulled into the airport, got stuck in a roadworks traffic jam and ended up in the second carpark away from the terminal. ‘He might actually be waiting for us.’ I suggested optimistacally. He wasn’t, because his flight was still in the air and eventually touched down at 11:16.

Cliff emerged from customs about an hour later – much to our amazement, with Bart & Marijke Hensel! I thought that they were due to fly in tomorrow, but I got that wrong. Their Amsterdam- Madrid flight had been delayed so that they had missed their connecting flight in Madrid and ended up on the plane with Cliff. But they had also missed their connecting flight to Antofagasta so sorting out their revised flight was their next connection. It was around 15:00 hours, so not too bad and not enough time to come along to Florencia’s home for a snack and refreshments.

We hope you have a great time in Chile and look forward to learning about your experiences!

Cliff reported a nice straight forward journey from Waterlooville to Heathrow and then a series of delays in flights taking off and his plane not going as fast as it was able to, to add further to delays. 

On the way back from the Airport, we visited another  huge shopping Mall where Juan tried to get a pair of walking / climbing boots, but without success. Cliff had as much success looking for a belt, as he has lost a few pounds since the start of the October tour, also without success and I was after a hoodie to keep my ears warm in Patagonia where apparently wind is a strong feature and all four seasons can be experienced in the same day – but I was not prepared to pay mega-bucks fopr something that was designed for the surfing beaches of California. I’ll wait for something more functional and local when the need arises.

And so I settle back to my routine of computer planning the Patagoniathon and trips to the poolside with cans of Crystal.

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