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We stopped at the place where David had visited in 2005 and squeezed ourselves through a difficult fence (S2752) – Cliff & I taking the easy option by temporarily removing a post, replacing it once we were through. Initially it seemed that we had the wrong spot as no plants of interest were found at all. Then on just one stony patch, apparently identical to the others, David and Eunice found them: Tanquana archeri and Gibbaeum gibbosum. Just as our cameras started snapping away, a car pulled up behind ours and two ladies purposefully walked towards us. David, followed by Eunice walked to meet them while Cliff and I snapped as many pics as possible, just in case.

The ladies turned out to be the wife of the owner of the land and an off duty policewoman. They gave David a stiff telling off for trespassing. We explained our dilemma of not knowing where to find the landowners to ask for permission. The wife explained that the house was ‘just up the road’ – at least 1 km away –  but that she had been in town where her daughter was having a baby. So even if we had called there would have been no answer!

We were allowed to continue our search, after apologising and promising to do better next time.

S2752 - Tanquana archeri

S2752 – Tanquana archeri

David had been given information of yet another interesting plant but we only managed to get to within 1.7 km of the coordinates provided and wasted too much time trying to find ways to get there by car. We could have easily walked there and back in the time we gave up, but after our experience with farmers at the previous stop, we were all a bit weary. One complication that might have contributed to the problem was that there is now a game reserve with fences some 2.40 m high nearby and our target area seemed to border this, or may have even been within in it. Perhaps this reserve was not yet around when our friends visited here.

Best image of this stop (S2753) is this two-for-one offer:

S2753 - Sarcocaulon and Tylecodon

S2753 – Sarcocaulon and Tylecodon

I have no idea which species of Monsonia / Sarcocaulon this is, but believe that the succulent leaves at the bottom right of the image belong to Tylecodon reticulatus.

Time was ticking along and we found ourselves near an area where we had been before: the area where we had promised Eunice to come back to in better light conditions:

S2754 - Euphorbia multiceps

S2754 – Euphorbia multiceps

It was good to find some Conophytums here that had not yet shut down completely for summer, so someone may be able to suggest an ID?

S2754 - Conophytum sp

S2754 – Conophytum sp

Tomorrow we head east to Graaff-Reinet.

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